How to Determine the Amount of THC in Your Food

“How much should I eat?”

“How high will I get?”

These are just a few of the questions that I am most commonly asked when it comes to edibles. It seems that figuring out the amount of THC in a recipe isn’t a well taught subject, but it is essential for people that are just starting cooking.

A lot of people will end up making a recipe without considering THC content. They eat some and probably end up eating more and before they know it they are too high and start feeling the few negative effects of cannabis. When this happens, they could get a headache, or even start to feel nauseous. This ends up in people having a bad experience which could potentially ruin cannabis for them.

I wanted to write this to help educate people because it is a fairly simple process that only requires basic math skills. Also, I would hate for someone to have one negative experience that ends up ruining the things that are positive. If you use this guide you can effectively stop that from happening and get the full benefit of the medicine.

The first thing you need to do is make cannabutter which I have included a link to. Once you have this you can substitute it into most recipes that you want to make and it will effectively turn it into an edible.

To actually calculate the THC, you need to know what the percentage of THC that is in the flower that you used. Most strains average about 10%, but it can go up to 25% and even higher. You can find the THC content of your strain using a few online resources, or if you don’t know the strain it is a safe bet to just stick with the average of 10%.

Next you need to turn that number into milligrams. 1 g of cannabis is equal to 1,000 mg in total weight. So, if the THC content is 10% then 10% of 1,000 equals 100. This means that the 1 G of cannabis has 100 mg of THC in it. The same can be said for the higher percentages (25% = 250 Mg of THC).

Once you have figured the percentage out then you can scale it up. For example, the recipe of cannabutter that I provided you effectively makes 2 cups of cannabutter with 1 ounce of cannabis. After doing the math you can figure that 1 Oz (28 G) of cannabis at 10% THC content will have roughly 2,800 Mg of THC.

Those 2 cups of cannabutter that was made with the ounce has 2,800 Mg of THC so next you just divide. Let’s say you use ½ a cup of cannabutter to make 24 cookies. First you figure that ½ cup of butter has 700 Mg of THC total. Then you want to divide that by 24 because of the number of cookies you made in the recipe. After doing that calculation you can see that each cookie will have roughly 30 Mg of THC in it.

Using this method is effective and actually quite easy. The process you go through is most definitely worth it just to make sure that you are eating a safe amount and that you will be able to be level headed after eating anything.


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